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Look no further. Our team at North Texas Eviction, composed of seasoned professionals, is dedicated to providing expert assistance tailored to the specific needs of DFW property owners. Whether you require legal guidance or expedited proceedings, trust us to handle your eviction challenges with precision and care. Moreover, we are committed to safeguarding your valuable property rights every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and effective resolution.

NTX Eviction Assists Landlords in the DFW Area

Discover how we support landlords throughout Dallas-Fort Worth in navigating the complexities of the Texas Property Code. Moreover, our expertise ensures you manage your rental properties efficiently and legally, addressing everything from tenant issues to full eviction processes. Consequently, trust us to safeguard your interests and maintain your peace of mind.

Understanding the Texas Eviction Process

Step-by-Step Guide to Rental Eviction-by NTX Eviction

The eviction process in Texas is a structured legal procedure designed to ensure fairness while addressing the rights of both landlords and tenants. It begins with the crafting and sending of an eviction notice, which must comply with the specific requirements of the Texas Property Code. After this initial step, if the tenant fails to comply with the notice, the next phase involves filing a case at the local Justice of the Peace (JP) court.

Subsequently, a hearing is scheduled where both parties can present their case. If the court rules in favor of the landlord and the tenant decides to appeal, the process then moves to the county court. Here, preparation is key, as a more thorough review of the eviction grounds takes place during the county court hearing.

Finally, if the landlord prevails, the last step involves obtaining a writ of possession. This legal document authorizes the eviction, and coordination with the constable is necessary to ensure the tenant moves out of the property smoothly and legally. Each stage of this process requires meticulous attention to legal details to protect the rights of the property owner while adhering to the law.

Eviction notice

Step 1

Writ of possession

Step 4

NTX Eviction expert shows an eviction notice

Eviction Notice

Our team specializes in crafting customized eviction notices that comply with the Texas Property Code. Additionally, we handle the creation, delivery, and legal documentation of eviction notices, providing the necessary proof for court proceedings. Therefore, trust us to manage this crucial first step in the eviction process with precision and professionalism.

Attorney Appears in front of a judge at the JP court

Eviction Services

We offer a comprehensive eviction service package, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant process from start to finish. Specifically, our services include crafting and sending tailored eviction notices, representing clients in local Justice of the Peace courts, and securing judgments necessary for eviction. Consequently, rely on our expertise to protect your property rights efficiently.

Attorney preparing for an eviction appeal

Eviction Appeal

NTX Eviction provides specialized eviction appeal services to ensure your case is represented effectively at the county court level. To achieve this, we assign experienced eviction attorneys who specialize in property law to handle your appeal with expertise and dedication, thereby maximizing your chances of a favorable outcome. Consequently, trust our professional team to guide and represent you through the complexities of the appeal process.

NTX Eviction expert handing possession to landlord

Writ of Possession

Our experts offer a comprehensive writ of possession service designed to ensure the final step of the eviction process is executed smoothly. Initially, we handle obtaining the writ from the court, and then coordinate with the constable, locksmith, and movers to ensure the tenant vacates the property completely and securely. Thus, rely on our expert team to manage this critical phase efficiently, safeguarding your property and ensuring peace of mind.

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House in Dallas after writ of possession
Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex
NTX Eviction representative hand keys to landlord after a successful eviction

About NTX Eviction

Who we are

NTX Eviction, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, dedicates itself to providing comprehensive eviction services. Our team, with deep local expertise and a track record of handling over 500 cases, commits to delivering efficient and effective solutions for landlords and property managers facing tenant challenges. Moreover, we ensure that each client receives personalized and proactive support throughout their eviction proceedings, leveraging our extensive experience.

What we do

We offer a full range of eviction services tailored to meet the needs of landlords and property management companies. We start by crafting and sending eviction notices. Then, we represent clients in JP court , ensuring their interests receive strong advocacy. Additionally, we handle appeals at the county court and execute writs of possession. Throughout each stage, we actively manage all aspects of the eviction process to ensure legal compliance and minimal disruption.

Why choose us

Choose NTX Eviction for our unmatched local knowledge, transparency, and commitment to continuous communication. Moreover, our focused expertise in the DFW area allows us to provide personalized consultancy and support throughout the eviction process. This ensures that your property and investment are protected with the highest standard of professional care, maintaining optimal outcomes for all our clients.

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Real Success Stories with NTX Eviction

“My tenant was behind on rent for 4 months .tried to communicate with him with no luck. North Texas Eviction was able to vacate him in less than 3 weeks. great service would greatly recommend”
Suzanne baker
"The tenant refused to vacate at the end of the lease term, ignoring my calls and emails. However, the team at NTX Eviction provided prompt and efficient service, enabling me to regain possession of the property in less than 4 weeks"
Oliver Turner
Dallas TX
“Tenant stayed in my house for over a year without paying rent. during that time had a lot of expenses such as mortgage payment , insurance and property TAX. It is only when I hired North Texas eviction where I was able to evict tenants and gain back possession”
Tanya stone
Fort Worth TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions About the Eviction Process and Tenant Rights

To begin the eviction process in North Texas, you typically need to provide the tenant with a written eviction notice. This notice should specify the reasons for eviction and the deadline for compliance.

Legal grounds for eviction vary by jurisdiction but commonly include non-payment of rent, lease violations, property damage, or illegal activities on the premises.

To ensure compliance with local laws, the eviction notice must be properly drafted and served to the tenant according to legal requirements. This usually involves methods like certified mail or service by a process server.

The duration of the eviction process varies based on local laws, court availability, and the tenant’s response. This timeline can range from a few weeks to several months. Therefore, understanding the legal framework and procedures is crucial for achieving a successful outcome.

Costs associated with eviction may include legal fees, court filing fees, eviction notice service fees, and potential property damages. Therefore, it’s essential to budget for these expenses when considering eviction.

Yes, non-payment of rent is a common legal ground for eviction. However, landlords must follow specific procedures outlined by local landlord-tenant laws.

Documentation for an eviction case may include various items such as the lease agreement, records of rent payments, messages with the tenant, photos of property damage, and any relevant communication regarding lease violations.

Although not always necessary, hiring a professional experienced in landlord-tenant law can ensure the eviction process goes smoothly, especially if the tenant contests the eviction. Contact NTX eviction today for a free consultation.

Lease violations, such as unauthorized subletting, excessive noise, or keeping unauthorized pets, can be grounds for eviction. However, these violations must be outlined in the lease agreement and comply with local laws.

Tenants have rights to fair treatment. This includes the right to challenge the eviction in court, ask for more time to follow eviction notices, or get legal help. Because of this, landlords must follow eviction laws and rules carefully to avoid breaking tenant rights.

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